Hopeless Romantic who?

A lady that is fond of dreaming of having a happy ending story and yearning for a fairy tale romance.  She wishes to find her Knight-in-shining-armor someday.

Some random facts about me:

1. Addicted over Japanese animes, mangas,  Keanu Reeves, Asian dramas, forums and chats.

2. Never gets tired to use the computer.

3. Has huge cravings for green mangoes with  shrimp paste, siomai, pork skin cracklings, junk foods and pizzas.

4. Dreams to travel around the world especially in the Romantic City of Lights- Paris and Land of the Rising Sun—Japan.

5.  Wants to own a new model of BMW, Nikon DLSR camera and a beautiful house and lot with an overlooking view of the sea and a mountain in the near future.

6. Finds reading any stuff, watching interesting TV shows, listening different genres of music and eating delectable foods are good ways to relieve stress.

7. Open minded to experience new things and learning– be on life, career and as a person.

8. Always wake up late even though she sleeps early.

9. Gets nervous when having too much intake of caffeine.

10 . A sun worshiper, nature lover and a beach bum.

11. Hates when a driver drives slowly.

12. Has a sweet tooth.

13. Frustrated singer, model and designer.

14. Easily gets attracted to good looking species and works of art.

15. Is annoyed when someone asks her “Why are you still single?”. Duh! Who cares if I am still single! :p