Mighty 10: Best Pinoy Food on a Summer

It has been a long time since I did not update my Mighty  Ten List and to keep the ball rolling I am listing the food that every Filipino loves to eat during the hottest season of the year- summer.

During summer, there are lots of food that are in demand in the market because people need to quench their thirst or cool their feeling due to hot temperature.  Anyway, here are some of my mighty 10’s picks for Best Pinoy Food on a Summer.

1. The ever famous Halo-halo

2. Samalamig (Sago + Gulaman)

3. Buko Juice

4. Mais Con Yelo

5. Ice Candy

6. Banana Que

7.  Kwek-kwek (Quail Egg)

8. Sapin Sapin

9.  Chilled Taho

10. Ice Scramble


DISCLAIMER: Photos are taken from the wire.  None of these belong to me.


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