Mighty 10: Christmas Fantasy Lists

30 days  (as of this writing) more to go before the world’s  fantastic celebration that will happen across the world.   Hence, I am having my fantasy list of the things I wanted this Christmas.  Most  are out of reach since I cannot afford to have it (LOL- that is why I called it a fantasy) and some are can be bought within my budget.

DISCLAIMER : Photos are grabbed from the wire.

10. An iPhone 4S – this is one of the things that I would like to buy because of Siri 😀

9.  Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III – my biggest hobby frustration is photography.  I would to love to see the beauty of the world by capturing through photos and the best way to do that is to have a high-end camera (of course with the condition that you will not use the automatic shot settings. LOL And having a good camera  will really make a big difference of justifying the beauty of your shots plus with the help of Adobe Photoshop).

8.   Gun Smoke Sofa and Loveseat – with its elegant design and nicely carved furniture, this would look beautiful in our house! Jeez, I wanna replace the wooden with red cushions sofa that we have.  LOL

7.  Novels / Books – one of the pastimes that I am hook  is reading interesting stuff be it a novel or trivia books.  It has been a while  since I did not read any books and I would like to buy some good reads to hone my vocabulary in my coconut shell — the brain! LOL  I got some eBooks in my computer but nothing compares reading in a hardbound.   This is I am certain that I can fulfill this fantasy list. 😀

6.  Samsung 82″ LCD TV – high screen quality for an awesome movie marathon entertainment which is perfect for lazy days.

5.  Airplane Tickets to Different Places – I want to travel to various parts of the world or anywhere in the Philippines.  I want to unearth places that is not yet known to society.  I want to meet different people from all walks of life.  I want to broaden my cultural horizon.  I want to wander in the world where only loveliness await.

4.  Sky high pump shoes – There are three words that I can only say: I love shoes!

3.   Native Bags – I want to start collecting bags that are Philippine made since the designs are unique and you have nothing to worry about if it is branded or not.

2.  Keanu Reeves – been yearning for so long to see him in flesh.  I am an avid fan of Keanu — way back  Speed days.


Handsome Nurse – I just  cannot post his photo for privacy reasons. ^^ I do hope that he will going to see me real  soon since this waiting period is so agonizing.

1.  This is excluded from being a fantasy list but more of  kinda a resolution and personal prayers this Christmas and in the coming days:

– I will have more intimate connection with God.

– Have a much healthier lifestyle

– Good health among family members

– Be more patient and understanding.

I know the lists mentioned in # 1 will go on and on but I would really want to have a better version of me before 2011 closes its curtains.


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