I met Piolo Pascual

I met him in an unconventional place, as I saw Piolo Pascual, I immediately hugged him so tight and kissed his lips! Imagine, it isn’t the cheeks, it is the LIPS! His eyes are so enticing and those luscious lips are so kissable. The bridge of his nose is so high, a perfect sculpture! He is absolutely handsome in person! That explains why there are so many girls admiring him.

I could not get over him, whenever there is a chance to hug him, I squeezed my body to his. Haha I was the envy of the girls. I could not forget that experience upon meeting the handsome Piolo Pascual. I always long the day that I can personally meet him. And now it happened! He is one of my favorite actors in Philippine showbiz industry. I did not expect that I would be the lucky girl that has hugged and kissed him in the lips. Haha

Then, I begun to wonder on why was Piolo’s image in front of me became so blurry and it suddenly disappeared right on my very own eyes! I realized it was only a DREAM! DAMN! LOL